DECEMBER 13TH - Last day to place your order for - CHRISTMAS

Ever had a cookie that wasn't perfect in appearance ... but tasted great ?

Ever found a fantastic discount on a new pair of shoes ... just because it had a scuff mark ?

Great for Arts & Crafts ~ School Projects ~ Retail Signage ... just touch-up ... fill or repaint and SAVE !

So ... what are less-than-perfect * picture frames ?

The bottom-line ... are these picture frames perfect ? ... NO

Will most people notice the flaws ? ... Probably Not

Are the prices incredible ? ... YES !

FACTORY BLOW-OUTS ~ Less Than Perfect *

Less Than Perfect * items are sold while stock is available on a first come ~ first serve basis,
when they are gone ... they are gone !

Less Than Perfect * items are sold as is & are not exchangeable or returnable
With these prices ... you can understand why